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Why Galvanize

Steel and iron are the most widely used materials in the construction projects worldwide. It has been estimated that every year, corrosion takes away up to 4% of the world’s GDP, making whole-of-life costs a worthwhile consideration in construction projects.

Centuries – old established process of hot dip galvanizing is a trusted and well known corrosion protection system for steel constructions. Hot dip galvanizing renders sturdy and corrosion resistant metallic zinc envelop on the steel surface, thus protecting the steel constructions from corrosion.

The enjoyable benefits of galvanizing steel constructions are:

Matchless Protection

  • The protection against corrosion provided by HDG is outstanding and long-lived leaving no match for it in the world of corrosion protection systems
  • With a dip of steel into galvanizing kettle, all the difficult to reach areas are coated and protected from the corrosion for a long time
  • The lasting zinc layer acts as an envelope and seals the steel constructions from corrosive environment outside
  • The galvanized coating gives care to the small areas, if any, left exposed

Smart Choice

  • Hot dip galvanizing ensures many years of zero maintenance thus lowering the life-cycle costs
  • HDG caters its end users with the maintenance-free use of the galvanized steel thus promising them with enhanced service life of around 30 years
  • The stalwart and hardy zinc coating withstands shipping and erection assuring less site damage

Healthy Relationship with Environment

  • HDG is an environment friendly process because of the zinc metal involved in the sacrificial coating which is an essential element of the living of all the organisms
  • When zinc sacrifices itself to guard the base metal from corrosion, it slowly gets absorbed into the atmosphere providing nutrients to the soil as well

Economic Utilization

  • Most economic utilization of steel is achieved by the process of galvanizing as predictable engineered results can be designed after fabrication
  • Galvanized steel constructions once installed can be galvanized and used again and again. Also, they can be recycled with the steel salvage in the steel production process